The Pros and Cons of Financial Technology (Ep. 22)

With the advancement of technology, many of the tasks that were once complicated can now be simplified. However, when it comes to looking after our finances, technology can sometimes do more harm than good.

Therefore, it is essential to carefully choose the right tools to aid us and avoid those that might sidetrack us.

In this episode, Pete Gutekunst lists the pros and cons of using financial technology tools for managing our finances. Pete emphasizes the importance of human interaction in financial planning and investing while shedding light on some online resources you can consider if you’re looking to explore different ways to track your finances.


Pete discusses:

  • The good and not-so-good sides of technology
  • Some online tools beginners can use to get started in investing and the “shiny objects” they offer to keep us attached to them
  • The importance of human interaction when it comes to our financial plans or investments
  • From our spending habits to reviewing our credit score: Some handy tracking resources
  • The value of knowing our lifestyle costs
  • The importance of having a conversation about our finances and seeking help to stay focused on what really matters
  • And more!




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